Euphoria of Running….


Runner’s High!  We’ve all heard about it and often wonder if it’s actually true? Well, I believe it is, but it’s different for every person.  It falls in line with simply how good getting up and moving can make you feel.  My friend Michelle, is nursing a hamstring injury right now, so she’s unable to run.  She hates it, because she misses how fantastic running makes her feel physically and mentally.  But she brought up an excellent point about how she can still gain the same euphoric feeling. She said, “just getting out the door, going for a walk, breathing in the fresh air is good for now.”  Running / walking is as much a form of meditation as it is physical exercise.  I’ve always loved getting my runs in at the crack of dawn, as a way to start my day.  Others may love to end their day with a run as a major form of stress relief from all the curve balls thrown at them all day.  Whatever the reason, just getting out there can clear your head, relieve the stress and simply just make you feel great!  Who’s going to argue with that?   Continue reading “Euphoria of Running….”

Finding what’s right for you….

When it comes to exercise, it’s all about finding what’s right for you.  The key is to get moving!  For me, I like to try just about everything out there!  I’m fortunate to live in an extremely active community.  The town of Bethlehem has so many options!  There’s simply no excuse not to get out there and try something!  We have a beautiful paved rail trail for walking, biking, running etc….  Plenty of places to take an array of classes.  Foundry Fitness for all types of H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) classes.  Stephanie is a great instructor, I took her “Power” class this morning.  365 Fit for Yoga, Boot-camp & Spin. I’ve tried them all & they’re all fantastic.  Revive is fairly new to the area and they offer so much variety!  I love H.I.I.T Flow (Yoga Pose Holds), very Yin / Restorative.  I am also a fan of Barre!   Continue reading “Finding what’s right for you….”

Farmers Market Fun…


Great Saturday morning!  The season has begun!  Yesterday was the opening day of the Farmers Market where I live in the town of Bethlehem.  Farmers Markets are a great community resource.  They provide many introductions in regards to local farmers, craftsman, restaurants, musicians and more….  Regardless of where you live, more than likely you can find a farmers market within a fairly close proximity.  Take advantage of it!  If you attend the Delmar Farmers market on Saturday mornings, you know what a treat and social event it can be.  My son loves it!  He loves going early in the morning with me, trying all of the samples!  One of his favorites is “Puckers Pickles”.  We always leave with a huge jar of the horseradish pickles.  They are Delicious!  Puckers also makes a great Kimchi and Pak Dong.  I make my own which I will discuss in a future post, but if you have no interest in making your own, buying it from a place like Puckers is well worth it!  The health benefits of Kimchi are phenomenal (packed with probiotics).  New to the Delmar Farmers market this year is brilliant artist, Pam Collins.  Pam is a close friend, so I’m fortunate to own a few of her pottery pieces.  Her work is unique and absolutely beautiful.   Continue reading “Farmers Market Fun…”

Getting active with your kids

When my son got home from school today, we went for a 30 min. bike ride.  Sometimes we run around the neighborhood, shoot hoops, play catch, kickball etc…  If you can’t figure out how to get a workout in, play with your kids.  They are a great source of exercise!  They are always full of energy, and it’s a way for you to spend time with them doing something fun.  Even if you have an infant, taking them for a walk is great.  You can even move it up a notch and build your strength with the stroller.  When my kids were stroller age, I used to do forward lunges.  The stroller helped me keep my balance.  You can always come up with  excuses on “why” or “not” to exercise, including “the kids take up all of my time”.  I know, I’ve been there!  I’ve probably used every excuse in the book at some point. The best thing you can provide for your family, is “being healthy”.  Believe me, once you decide to make the necessary changes, you’ll never go back.    

What are some fun activities you do with your kids?  

What a rush….

Run #1
run #2

I did it!  I participated and finished my first Duathlon this morning!  2 mile run; 10 mile bike; 2 mile run.  I felt and feel great.  The only thing I wasn’t prepared for was the run, which was mostly trail.  That’s my own fault, I never check out the course or read the description before any race.  I guess I’m wild like that!  Overall, what a great time.  I’m ready to add swimming and try triathlons this summer.  If you’re considering trying a Duathlon, do it!  You don’t need fancy equipment.  I rode my husbands hybrid bike, and was absolutely fine.  Challenge yourself!  You can accomplish anything!  I almost forgot, shout out to my friend/neighbor Jen.  She placed 2nd in her age group.  She was not aware of the trail run either!  She rocked it! 

What races / activities have you done that are new and outside your comfort zone?  

Running partners

What does TGIF mean to you?  For me, it certainly does not mean relaxation!  The weekends are crazy.  Full of activities! Kid’s activities; baseball, drama, swimming… you name it!  Plus getting stuff done around the house; yard work, cleaning… Trying to have fun time with family; hiking, biking, cook outs, etc….  

What starts my weekends off is my Friday morning run with my friends!  We have a saying “what’s discussed during the run, stays on the run”.  For us distance runners, running with friends is important.  it helps those miles breeze by.  Plus it allows you to challenge yourself in many ways.  Keeping up with the pace, slowing down to build endurance.  Most of all you’re able to clear your head, meet people who are on the same time schedule and most of all develop a bond like no other.  For my group (referred to as “The Band”) we love the early morning, I’m  talking 4:30 – 5:00am start times! That’s what works for us, so we’re sticking with it!  

What time do you run?  Do you prefer alone or with friends?  Does it help jump start your busy weekend / day?  

Wow! What a workout!

Good morning!  What a great workout this morning.  If you’re able to check out a Barreflow class in your area, do it!  It’s a true total body workout.  My hamstrings, shoulders and core were screaming & shaking!  For me that’s what I want. Plus, today’s class was the best playlist I’ve heard in a long time.  

What motivates you while you exercise?  Music (what kind), podcast (which ones), TV or silence?  

Happy Monday!

Spring break is over for most. Back to the grind.  I tried a new fitness class this morning called “Kinetic Kore”.  It was great!  It was a 1 hr. of intense Ab work.  If you find a class in your area, check it out.  The goal to physical fitness is to find what’s right for you and your schedule and stick with it!  Play around with different things.  Before you know it, your exercise routine becomes part of your life, not a chore.  

What’s your favorite activity?