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Great Saturday morning!  The season has begun!  Yesterday was the opening day of the Farmers Market where I live in the town of Bethlehem.  Farmers Markets are a great community resource.  They provide many introductions in regards to local farmers, craftsman, restaurants, musicians and more….  Regardless of where you live, more than likely you can find a farmers market within a fairly close proximity.  Take advantage of it!  If you attend the Delmar Farmers market on Saturday mornings, you know what a treat and social event it can be.  My son loves it!  He loves going early in the morning with me, trying all of the samples!  One of his favorites is “Puckers Pickles”.  We always leave with a huge jar of the horseradish pickles.  They are Delicious!  Puckers also makes a great Kimchi and Pak Dong.  I make my own which I will discuss in a future post, but if you have no interest in making your own, buying it from a place like Puckers is well worth it!  The health benefits of Kimchi are phenomenal (packed with probiotics).  New to the Delmar Farmers market this year is brilliant artist, Pam Collins.  Pam is a close friend, so I’m fortunate to own a few of her pottery pieces.  Her work is unique and absolutely beautiful.  

Luckily, I live within walking distance to my community farmers market.  We try to turn it in to a family activity.  We either walk or bike there.  If we drive, we usually bring a basketball with us.  The location is in the middle school parking lot, so we have access to basketball courts, tennis courts, the track, baseball diamond, etc…  Regardless, the opportunity to get out there and move are endless.  

Do you take advantage of your local farmers market, flea market or farm stand?  What are some of your favorite finds?  


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