Ladder Shelf Project….

If you recall my post last month “Curbside Treasures”, you may recall me mentioning an old paint ladder that I found on the side of the road.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it.  There are actually plenty of ways to turn old wooden ladders into decorative beauties for your home.  With this particular ladder, I decided to refinish the wood and turn it into a decorative shelf for a bedroom.

It was covered in dirt, paint, bird poop, etc…  The one thing I notice immediately was that none of the wood was rotted and brackets were not rusted.  Therefore, I knew it could be salvaged.  I started by using my small hand-held sander to smooth the wood and get all of the paint and debris off.  I was happy to see how good the natural grain of the wood looked.  Otherwise I would have painted with chalk paint and distressed.  After sanding, I sprayed a natural all-weather stain on it.  It seriously only took 5 min.  One coat was all it needed.  So, actually refinishing was the easy part.  Deciding what to use it for was the difficult part.  I didn’t want to buy anything to add to it.  I wanted to use items I already owned and wanted to display.  As usual, I began rummaging through my house to see what I could find.  Books and candles.  I love both for decoration, therefore I have both in various sizes and styles.  House plants, I have a few of those around too.  As I was searching my linen closet, I found 2 cute knitted blankets that I think were a house-warming gift for our starter home 15 years ago.  I never found a place for these blankets, so I just kept them with the extras, tucked away.  They’re perfect for decoration.  Small, probably intended for a child, but they don’t look like baby blankets.  With these items, I felt it was a perfect shelf for a bedroom.  Considering the blanket colors are off white and pale green, I found a room that it would fit perfectly in.  I’m really pleased with how it looks.

For staging purposes, the plant is from my kitchen which I love the decorative ceramic pot and how the leaves hang over the sides.  My kitchen also gets direct morning sunlight.  The ladder shelf location gets barely any sunlight at all.  I’ll have to buy a plant. Any suggestions for hanging house plants that require no direct sunlight or no light at all?  

Have you turned old ladders into decorative items?  I’d like to hear about it.  Always looking for new ideas.  

Ladder Shelf
Ladder Shelf

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