“Movement” while traveling…

I have to travel for work next week.  Getting at least one hour of movement accomplished every day will be challenging, but doable.  Let’s face it, easier said than done.  Hotel living, is not ideal.  It’s so easy to get lazy, watch TV and not move!  Luckily for this trip, I will be driving so, I will have my own vehicle. I’ve already found the nearest YMCA, which is a 10 min. drive from the hotel.  This will get me out in the evenings to participate in a strength class or yoga etc…  I prefer cardio, so I will do that in the morning at the hotel, or explore my surroundings and go for a run outside.  I know for me, I will not practice strength or yoga on my own, so finding a class, will motivate me.  The YMCA is great, because you can use any facility with your membership.  I joined my local YMCA a few months ago, because of an injury which prevented me from running.  I decided to start swimming, so the Y was my best option.  I didn’t realize I could use my membership at every YMCA around.  So, if you have a profession where you travel from time to time, having a Y membership is really worth it. 

When you don’t have a vehicle and you’re stuck at the hotel, you can still practice an hour of movement.  Like everything in life, how important is it to you?  Do you really want it? For me, my main life goal is to be a sentinel (living past age 100). Without movement being a regular lifestyle choice, my goal will not be completed.  It’s all about getting it done.  Most hotels are equipped with equipment; treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, rowing machine, free weights, etc…  Also, if you like to run or walk outside, talk to the concierge.  They will provide you with safe running routes outside near the hotel.  I’ve explored great cities and towns simply by lacing up early in the morning  going for a run.  

Like all choices regarding movement, practice, etc…  You really have to want it.  It is very easy to talk yourself out of exercise.  Whenever I catch myself possibly making a terrible choice of not running or biking or going to yoga etc…  I think of a woman I met at a Bikram Yoga class.  She had been living in a rural part of Alaska and the closest Bikram studio was over an hour away.  For an entire year, she blocked off 90 min. each day, adjusted the heat appropriately in her bathroom, and practiced Bikrim Yoga poses in the mirror.  Her form was incredible.  It was so important for her to continue her practice, not having access to a studio, was not going to hold her back.  The bathroom was the one room in her home where she could conceal the heat and circulate the air properly, because of the exhaust fan.  That’s determination!  I’m fortunate to have met and spoken to many people over the years that are such an inspiration.  When I find myself possibly slipping into a rut, I think of those people to pull myself up and keep moving forward.  I also, most importantly, think of my family.  They should not have to deal with grumpy, lethargic, Nicol.  Plus, when I’m finished with whatever activity I choose, I like myself.  Happiness, accomplishment and energy are the best feelings in the world.  Just because you’re outside your comfort zone, stuck in a hotel, get up and move. Even if it’s doing sit ups, push ups, dancing etc… in your room, it’s something.  I guarantee, you will feel better.  

When you’re traveling, do you exercise / move?  What do you do?  What’s your motivation?  Let’s talk about it.  




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