Muffins passed the taste test!

After a lot of configuration, I think I nailed this batch of muffins!  Every time I make them, I seem to take a slightly different approach.  So the goal is to make them as healthy as possible, but of course, still taste great!  My tasters (husband, Mother in law) gave them a big thumbs up!  Very happy about that.  My Thursday morning running partner (Rachael) will try them tomorrow! Fingers crossed she loves them. 

As mentioned yesterday, the muffins are Vegan & Gluten free.  I also use no white sugar.  This batch was sweetened with bananas, granny smith apple, carrots, molasses and raisins.  I used brown rice flour and I make a flax seed egg.  Anyhow, I will post the actual recipe and variations further down the line.  I find these to be great after an intense work out, like a long run or bike ride.  I put fresh ground nut butter on top for extra protein to help my muscles recover.  

What’s your health inspired sweet treat recipe?  



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  1. I am Nicol’s friend Rachael. The muffins are fabulous! She has been making them for over a year and they keep getting better.

    1. Thanks Rachael. You’ve been gladly tasting my experiments on a weekly basis for a good year now. What has been your favorite ingredients / formulations?

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