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Fresh Ground Peanut Butter

Who else out there is a major peanut butter LOVER?  When I was a kid and well into adulthood, I’d do anything for a peanut butter cup!  I have to say, my taste buds have changed.  Peanut butter cups just don’t do it for me.  They taste like ground sugar covered in fake chocolate.  No thanks!  Now if I want something remotely sweet, my favorite snack is a Granny Smith Apple (more tart the better) slathered in fresh ground peanut butter.  Remember my healthy muffins?  I love to slather fresh ground nut butter on top like it’s a frosting!  Perfect after an endurance workout.  Packed with protein and flavor. Since I discovered fresh ground nut butters, I can’t go back to buying it pre-made from the grocery store.  It tastes too sweet, not like the actual nut, and simply just processed.

The only down fall to the fresh ground, is if you, yourself or a family member has a peanut or nut allergy, you have to make sure there are separate grinders.  If that is your situation, then I’m sure you have your particular brands that work best for you.  I would recommend Trader Joe’s.  They don’t have nut grinders, but when it comes to packaged goods, they are the best in terms of overall healthy ingredients and price.  If I need to buy packaged items, that’s where I go.  Also, Teddy brand peanut butter is good and you can find it at any grocery store.  For years I bought Teddy’s unsalted peanut butter.  But, once I discovered fresh ground at the Honest Weight Co-op, I was hooked!  It actually is cheaper than packaged peanut butter.  I will buy almond, cashew, hazelnut butter if it’s on sale.  Otherwise the nut butters (besides peanut) are pricey.  For me and my family, we prefer the taste of peanut over the other nut butters anyway.  It’s so good when you grind it.  You fill your container of choice, and it is warm and creamy.  Delicious! Every co-op will have grinders.  The first time I saw grinders and tasted fresh ground was at the co-op in Burlington VT.  So good!  If you don’t have a co-op nearby, many chains like Fresh Market, Whole Foods, etc…. will have grinders.  

What’s your favorite nut butter?  Have you tried fresh ground?  Do you love it?  What’s your favorite snack, or recipe using nut butters?  

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