Running partners

What does TGIF mean to you?  For me, it certainly does not mean relaxation!  The weekends are crazy.  Full of activities! Kid’s activities; baseball, drama, swimming… you name it!  Plus getting stuff done around the house; yard work, cleaning… Trying to have fun time with family; hiking, biking, cook outs, etc….  

What starts my weekends off is my Friday morning run with my friends!  We have a saying “what’s discussed during the run, stays on the run”.  For us distance runners, running with friends is important.  it helps those miles breeze by.  Plus it allows you to challenge yourself in many ways.  Keeping up with the pace, slowing down to build endurance.  Most of all you’re able to clear your head, meet people who are on the same time schedule and most of all develop a bond like no other.  For my group (referred to as “The Band”) we love the early morning, I’m  talking 4:30 – 5:00am start times! That’s what works for us, so we’re sticking with it!  

What time do you run?  Do you prefer alone or with friends?  Does it help jump start your busy weekend / day?  

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  1. Love running in early morning with my peeps. We all have such busy lives this is the only way to get to talk to them alone. The best conversations happen on a run. It is better than any therapy session.

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