Starting slow with Herbs

I’m starting slow with herbs, since I’m not familiar with planting anything!  I figured I could turn it into a decorative piece for my deck.  I have this cute little bicycle planter that I used to actually keep fake flowers in.  Anyhow, I grabbed cilantro and basil to start with because they are my favorite. I basically add them to everything!  I’ve got some other ideas I’m planning on trying.  I like the idea of using decorative planters rather than an actual herb garden.  

  • What do you prefer planters or a garden?
  • What are your favorite herbs?

3 Replies to “Starting slow with Herbs”

  1. Great idea, Nicol! I love fresh herbs too, and basil is one of my favorites. I also like dill, parsley, and oregano.
    Good luck growing herbs!

  2. Love the cute bicycle planter! Like you, I grow cilantro and basil, but also chives. I love stepping on the patio of cut a few chives to add to my eggs. Yum! Can’t wait to hear how the growing goes!

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