Long Run Pancakes / Waffles….

Pancake / Waffles
Long Run Pancake / Waffles

After a long run, I’m always starving.  I categorize a long run as 13 plus miles.  Generally my long runs are done early Sunday mornings.  One of my favorite things to make are Pancakes / Waffles.  I’ve always made homemade pancakes.  I’ve used a “Good Old Fashioned Pancakes” recipe for years.  The original recipe calls for white flour, white sugar, milk and melted butter.  I’ve eliminated all of those items and made them into my own gluten free, no white sugar and sometimes vegan Pancakes.  They are so good!  There’s really no reason to make them the unhealthy way ever again….
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Delete the word “Diet”….

Delete the word diet

The word “diet” should not be part of our vocabulary.  Portion control and choosing the right types of food to me are what’s important.  Easier said than done, right?  Become familiar with what food actually tastes like.  I find that American cuisine is too often masked with melted cheese, tons of salt, and of course sugar! Pay attention to your kids taste buds.  For example, when kids are small, they haven’t been introduced to extra flavor (salt, sugar, gravy, etc…). They eat food in its natural form.  My kids love steamed broccoli, salad without dressing, raw veggies & every kind of fruit.  Everyone’s going to be exposed to the junk on occasion.  But, we can control what’s available at home. 

In terms of portion control, not so much measuring specific amounts, but slowing down, chewing, enjoying the taste and stopping when you feel full.  I’ve been guilty of not doing any of that!  When my husband and I first started dating, I remember hanging out at my apartment eating pizza.  He commented that, “he’d never witness anyone eat a slice of pizza so fast”.  I still have to concentrate on slowing down when I’m eating.  It’s tough not always being in a rush.  Especially during a meal. Breakfast, get out the door school, work, etc… Lunch, working lunch (stinks but reality for too many of us) and Dinner, hurry up we’ve got to get to practice / game! Unfortunately one of the biggest mistakes we all make is grabbing the prepackaged,unhealthy, fast food option for all of our meals.  I will be sharing some tips and recipe’s that have worked for me and my family soon.  Stay tuned…  

Lastly, about that nasty word “diet”.  Get it out of your mind!  Like everything, eating clean is a choice.  But it’s a choice you can make without making your life miserable!  A “diet” never lasts.  Another thing, eating clean will not break the bank.  You’ll be surprised how much $ you’ll actually save when you cut back or eliminate the junk and replace it with fresh / natural items.  

Where have you made some positive changes in your eating habits?