Leftovers….Fried Rice….

Homemade Fried Rice
Leftovers…Fried Rice…

Leftovers are different for everyone.  For me, I always have vegetables I want to get rid of and cooked brown rice.  So one meal I throw together often is Fried Rice.  So, my kids love steak.  Over the weekend we grilled steak and chicken.  We had plenty of both left over.  Because, I hate to waste, I constantly am trying to make new meals with whatever is left.  I asked the kids what kind of Fried Rice they wanted; Steak, Chicken or Egg.  They chose steak.  I won’t eat steak as a main meal, but I will in fried rice, because it’s cut up small and cooked very well done.  Almost crispy like beef jerky, which for me is tolerable….  Same goes for chicken.  The smaller the cut, the crispier and dried out it is.  To each their own, right?  If they chose egg, It’s simply a protein addition to the dish.  
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The first time I tried kimchi, I was a 20-year-old college student, who was lucky enough to get a summer job waiting tables at a Korean restaurant.  I had never heard of kimchi before and I didn’t realize how much I loved “hot, spicy” food! I worked the lunch shift which offered a buffet.  Suki (restaurant owner) let me eat whatever I wanted for lunch.  When you’re a poor college student, getting a free meal after work, major deal.  Anyhow, I would eat from the buffet, which did not offer traditional Korean dishes.  It was similar to your standard Chinese restaurant buffet.  That’s what the public wanted.  On occasion people would come in and order off the menu for example; Bulgogi Steak, Mung Bean Pancake, Madu Dumplings etc…. I was fascinated by it all! One thing I noticed, regardless of the dish, it was served with kimchi on the side.  I noticed Suki and Young-ae (chef) ate the same thing everyday.  Brown Rice, kimchi with a fried egg on top.  After a few weeks of working there, I asked if I could try what they were eating. The dish is called a “Hot Pot”.  So simple, so full of flavor, I was hooked.  There are all different heat levels of kimchi.  I happen to like the “hottest”. The richness of the fried egg complements the heat and vinegar taste of the kimchi and the brown rice adds a nutty flavor. It is still one of my favorite go to meals.  Suki would joke and ask me if I was Korean, because I wasn’t supposed to like super spicy.  The extra spicy kimchi was only served to patrons if specifically requested.  Which was almost never.  Continue reading “Kimchi….”